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Why I’m Writing A Blog

I have always loved writing. When I was younger with more time and fewer obligations, I wrote all the time. I kept a diary, I wrote comics and stories as well as essays and speeches, poems and satires–you get the picture.

I was an okay writer. I even won a couple of contests in school like for an essay I wrote on my hero, my grandmother, and was even featured in the newspaper for something I had written–although, I cannot for the life of me remember what that was for. I do know, however, that a few years ago, Grandma still had the newspaper clipping in the nightstand next to her bed.

Yes, I have always loved writing, and have always wanted to write a book. I love reading and that feeling I’d get when I was completely immersed in a book; and let me tell you, I could really fall down the rabbit hole. It wasn’t unusual to find me reading by the street light once my parents had decided it was bedtime, or curled up in a bed of stuffed animals with a book when I was supposed to be cleaning my room. (I’m pretty sure I’ve been moved out long enough to admit that now…)

I digress. I submitted a couple of stories for the Young Authors program through the school, which unfortunately did not have the desired results. On another occasion I sent a copy of the first few pages of a story to my favorite author (much to my current chagrin). She responded with a letter telling me she loved my story and that I should keep trying. So I did.

But then college happened, and then life happened after that, and my writing fell to the wayside. I’d get distracted, obligations would come up, and I’d be unable to focus.

After much soul searching, though, I have decided that now is the time to buckle down and actively pursue a career in writing. This blog is hopefully one of the steps in the avenue to becoming a writer that people know and can follow. Not necessarily because I want to get paid to write, but because I want to be able to share these stories and thoughts in my head with other people, bringing them joy and laughter, and sometimes maybe even letting them know they are not alone.

I look forward to sharing these stories with you as you join me on this journey.

9 thoughts on “Why I’m Writing A Blog”

  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging and the blogosphere in general! You will find that bloggers are an entire community on their own and you will meet so many fascinating people, make friends, and discover other cultures from around the world. Bloggers are super-supportive and will help you any way they can. There are contests, word prompts, challenges…so many things to keep you busy and show off your talents and abilities. Good luck and I look forward to seeing where the journey takes you!

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  2. Hold on tight, Krista, because when you start blogging it soon takes on a whole momentum of it’s own. I, too, have been writing since early childhood. I did the Young Author’s thing in school and met many a famous author along that journey, got some excellent advice. Have been told by many I write well enough to be on the best-seller list. Here there’s a divide between being able to write it, and actually being able to afford to publish what you wrote. Can’t afford it. Then, I began blogging when I was in college. It’s fun to share stories, to read others, and to get inspired along the road. Thanks for visiting my blog, and I’ll try to visit yours often. ~ Shalom, Bear

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  3. Hi, Krista! Thanks so much for following The Write Edge, and congratulations on starting your writing journey with the blog. I wish you all the best with it. If I can help with anything, don’t hesitate to let me know. Have a great day!

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