Short Stories

Short Story Saturday

I’ve been trying to write a short story for a little while now, and, its honestly just not happening for me, so instead, I thought I would take a moment to write up a character profile for one of the characters in my novel.


Cornelius is an older gentleman who looks to be about in his early 60s. he has brown eyes that twinkle when he laughs, salt and pepper hair, and a long pointed nose. It is almost as if all of his features are artificially chiseled. he is generally wearing a gentleman’s hat, and is always dressed to impress in classic trousers and a button down vest. – an outfit reminisant of a character in a classic movie.

Cornelius is an “immortal,”  and his actual age is closer to 240. He is incredibly wise and well-mannered. He is a fine conversationalist, but often likes to get to the point as quickly as possible.

Cornelius is one of the last remaining mages on earth, and has been tasked with finding and training an apprentice to rescue a collection of ex-boyfriends that have been locked away by the sorceress Marquesa.     

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