Everyday Ramblings

My wizarding adventure

A couple of weeks ago, I gathered my gumption, drove to Indianapolis and participated in the Niantic Wizards Unite Fan Festival. This was the first “vacation” I’d taken by myself (although I travel solo all the time for work), and I was nervous as all get-out. What if something happens on the drive there? What… Continue reading My wizarding adventure

Everyday Ramblings

A Letter to Grossma

Side note: Grossma is what we called my Great-Grandmother who lived next door. I believe it is some kinda German/English mix dumbed down for little kids, but I don't know. That was her name so just go with it. Dear Grossma, Today is September 17th. It has officially been 18 years since you passed away.… Continue reading A Letter to Grossma

What if... Wednesday

What if… Jessie could talk back?

Sometimes I find myself wondering what would happen if I could actually have a conversation with my cat. I mean, if we are being honest I do already carry on conversations with Jessie, but they tend to be one-sided, with me speaking in complete sentences and assuming that her yelling is actually something intelligible. I… Continue reading What if… Jessie could talk back?