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My wizarding adventure

A couple of weeks ago, I gathered my gumption, drove to Indianapolis and participated in the Niantic Wizards Unite Fan Festival.

This was the first “vacation” I’d taken by myself (although I travel solo all the time for work), and I was nervous as all get-out.

What if something happens on the drive there?

What if I don’t find anyone to talk to and am the only one there by myself?

What if no one else is dressed up an I look stupid in these robes?

What if I get mugged?

These thoughts, and a plethora of others were running constantly in the back of my head the entirety of the four-hour drive to Indy. Also, I was running behind schedule, an there is pretty much nothing I hate more than being late for something.

Even with all my anxieties, I pushed on and arrived to the event at about 11:30 (it started at 11, so not horrible).

My ticket had said to go to the “North entrance” but not being familiar with the park, I wasn’t exactly sure where that was. (Although, I knew I was in the general vicinity by the Harry Potter music being played throughout the area). So I just kind of wandered around until I saw an information booth.

As I was talking to the lady behind the desk, and she was explaining to me how to find the dragons, another lady came up to listen. To my delight, she was also at the event alone – and thankfully not put off by my awkward, “would you mind if I walked around with you?” approach to making friends.

The event went really well, having someone to walk with appeased a lot of my concerns – there was a small delay for weather, but in actuality, it provided the perfect opportunity to break for lunch, and get to know a little more about my new companion for the day.

We ended up capturing all the dragons and completing all the tasks about an hour before the event ended. We even had time to go into a couple fo the trivia tents where my new friend won a couple of t-shirts for answering trivia questions correctly.

My one complaint was the merchandise. I was very disappointed to find that the LARGEST size (advertised as a 2x) was more accurately a large. A MEN’s large was 4” wider than the women’s 2x – oh the absurdity – but that’s a soapbox for another day.

Have you ever vacationed by yourself? Where did you go? What did you do? How did it go? Would you do it again? Let me know in the comments below!

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