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An Interview with my Parents for my Birthday

I thought it would be fun to do a video blog interviewing my parents for my birthday. (I am 32 today!) It was my first ever attempt at video blogging an interview, and I learned a couple of things. 1) My mother is extremely camera shy, so when she was being interviewed, there was a… Continue reading An Interview with my Parents for my Birthday

What if... Wednesday

What if…. I won the Lottery

Every time the Powerball or Mega-Millions gets really high--you know, 300 million or so--I always go out and buy a ticket and spend roughly the next 24 hours or so fantasizing about what I might do with the money, if by some miracle I happened to win. I mean, honestly, if I really did win all… Continue reading What if…. I won the Lottery

Everyday Ramblings

Why do you get to make the rules?

The other day I ordered something off of Amazon, and since it was rather large I had it shipped to my apartment, instead of delivered to the office, because I wasn’t sure it would fit safely in my car. In the past I have never had a problem getting deliveries at home, however, my apartment… Continue reading Why do you get to make the rules?

Everyday Ramblings

Managing Business Relationships

For the past several years I have worked with the same auditor every time I traveled for work. After spending nearly a full week (5 days, breakfast-dinner) with this auditor every year - plus the  conversations leading up to and following the audits it was easy to develop a personal realationship with him as well. While we were at… Continue reading Managing Business Relationships

Everyday Ramblings

Round 2 at the Airport

For my return flight home, the auditor had a flight at 2, and mine was scheduled for 7:45, so I anticipated having some more time to kill at the airport, and this time, I went into it with a bit of a plan. Hour One (12:30-1:30)     The first thing I did upon arrival to the airport… Continue reading Round 2 at the Airport

Things I Love

Authors I Love – Ann M. Martin

“Who is your favorite author?” It is a question I get asked a lot, especially once I’ve told someone how much I love to read. I usually respond with a name, but if I’m being honest, that name changes depending on what I’m reading at the moment. It can be near impossible to pick a… Continue reading Authors I Love – Ann M. Martin