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My wizarding adventure

A couple of weeks ago, I gathered my gumption, drove to Indianapolis and participated in the Niantic Wizards Unite Fan Festival. This was the first “vacation” I’d taken by myself (although I travel solo all the time for work), and I was nervous as all get-out. What if something happens on the drive there? What… Continue reading My wizarding adventure

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The End of the Weight Management Program

One of the things my doctor is constantly obsessing about is my weight. To help appease these concerns I have tried diet after diet – all to no avail. Most recently (ok, about 6 months ago) he referred me to an endocrinologist who referred me to the Mary Free Bed Weight Management program – who… Continue reading The End of the Weight Management Program


I don’t know how to Twitter

Before I launched this blog, I had taken a well-needed sabbatical from Facebook which was, previously, the only social media site where I was active. During this hiatus I realized I didn't miss the drama and politics of Facebook, but I DID miss the news part of my newsfeed. To satisfy this craving, when I… Continue reading I don’t know how to Twitter

Everyday Ramblings

Managing My Stress Levels

One of the things that is super important in allowing me to maintain my hectic/busy schedule, is properly managing my stress levels. Sometimes (most of the time) I'm really good at this, and life moves quickly and I am able to keep up. but also, sometimes I become overwhelmed and then the busy schedule just… Continue reading Managing My Stress Levels

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An Interview with my Parents for my Birthday

I thought it would be fun to do a video blog interviewing my parents for my birthday as I am 32 today! It was my first ever attempt at video blogging an interview, and I learned a couple of things. 1) My mother is extremely camera shy, so when she was being interviewed there was… Continue reading An Interview with my Parents for my Birthday

What if... Wednesday

What if…. I won the Lottery

Every time the Powerball or Mega-Millions gets really high--you know, 300 million or so--I always go out and buy a ticket and spend roughly the next 24 hours or so fantasizing about what I might do with the money, if by some miracle I happened to win. I mean, honestly, if I really did win all… Continue reading What if…. I won the Lottery