Everyday Ramblings

A Letter to Grossma

Side note: Grossma is what we called my Great-Grandmother who lived next door. I believe it is some kinda German/English mix dumbed down for little kids, but I don't know. That was her name so just go with it. Dear Grossma, Today is September 17th. It has officially been 18 years since you passed away.… Continue reading A Letter to Grossma

What if... Wednesday

What if… Jessie could talk back?

Sometimes I find myself wondering what would happen if I could actually have a conversation with my cat. I mean, if we are being honest I do already carry on conversations with Jessie, but they tend to be one-sided, with me speaking in complete sentences and assuming that her yelling is actually something intelligible. I… Continue reading What if… Jessie could talk back?


I don’t know how to Twitter

Before I launched this blog, I had taken a well-needed sabbatical from Facebook which was, previously, the only social media site where I was active. During this hiatus I realized I didn't miss the drama and politics of Facebook, but I DID miss the news part of my newsfeed. To satisfy this craving, when I… Continue reading I don’t know how to Twitter

Writing Prompt Wednesday

First Grade Writing Prompt – Day 3

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Peanut Butter Coconut Milk Ice Cream Favorite Book: Ender’s Game Favorite Sport: Swimming Favorite TV Show: Currently Bones, but it changes periodically Favorite Movie: Pippi Longstocking Favorite Celebrity: Tom Holland Favorite Food: Pizza Favorite Dessert: Brownies Favorite School Subject: Math Favorite Recess Activity: Reading Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Vosler Favorite Place… Continue reading First Grade Writing Prompt – Day 3

Writing Prompt Wednesday

First Grade Writing Prompts – Day 1

In honor of school starting this week (at least here in Michigan), I thought it would be fun to do some first grade writing prompts. I did a Google image search to find these, so I will link back to the best of my abilities. First up: How to eat an Oreo cookie. There are… Continue reading First Grade Writing Prompts – Day 1

Everyday Ramblings

Managing My Stress Levels

One of the things that is super important in allowing me to maintain my hectic/busy schedule, is properly managing my stress levels. Sometimes (most of the time) I'm really good at this, and life moves quickly and I am able to keep up. but also, sometimes I become overwhelmed and then the busy schedule just… Continue reading Managing My Stress Levels

Thoughts from Places

Thoughts from Boston

Recently I went to Boston for work. While I was walking around the warehouse, I caught a glimpse of this beautiful cliff behind the building (see picture above). While I was admiring it, I asked the warehouse manager about it. "It's new," he said. "When we moved in, there was a hill behind the building,… Continue reading Thoughts from Boston

Everyday Ramblings

Variation is Inherent

For work I've been reading this book on Auditing (The ASQ Auditing Handbook, 4th edition, edited by J.P. Russell), and as I was reading through my many notes last night, I stumbled upon this quote: "Variation is inherent, it exists in all things." The idea behind this, at least as it applies to quality, is… Continue reading Variation is Inherent