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About those Pickles

Guys. The other day while looking for some foods I could take with me on an outing event, I came across a product that advertised itself as “the portable pickle.” To put it nicely, I was intrigued. This had to be investigated.

The product “Munchies” by Mt. Olive is basically a resealable bag of pre-sliced pickles. Genius. Not only are these pickles delicious (I was a little worried as I’m a hardcore Vlasic girl), they are convenient! The bag is so much easier to stash and carry than the jar; and even though it was tossed in my picnic basket, and then later in a plastic bag, at no point did pickle juice spill anywhere. AMAZING.

My one complaint was that there was a little too much liquid, and I felt like all the pickles were swimming away from me at first. However, after I dumped a little bit of the juice, bam! Life changed.

They just look so delicious!

I picked mine up at Meijer, but you can pick up some here. If you try some, let me know in the comments below what you think! .

1 thought on “About those Pickles”

  1. We tend to be so stuck in our old habits…the mere thought to even TOUCH pickles in a bag would have struck me as insanity until hearing your positive review…now I think I just might give it a go next time I’m in Winners.

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