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The Struggle is Real

I love writing. I love creating these worlds in my head and characters that I instantly fall in love with. I can write character profiles and the beginning of a story all day every day. But in order to be able to share these worlds and characters with other people, they need to have an interesting story. Something that makes the reader want to care about the characters in the same way that I do. Something that makes you, the reader, want to know more about them. 

I want to tell you about this world in my head with these quirky characters who live in the books at the library, and like the smell of old books and talk to their cat.

I want to tell you about this character in my head who has long black hair that she always wears up in a pony as well as a boyfriend named Peter who loves traveling. She has visited New York, Boston, and Paris, and is planning her next big adventure. 

I want to tell you about a little boy with a grin that will melt your heart who has a love for watching the jellyfish at the aquarium; and I want you to love him just as much as I do.

The problem is, in my head, these characters don’t have problems. They just have lives–boring, normal lives–and, well, I still really struggle with finding a convincing plot. 

What is your biggest struggle (as an author or otherwise?) How do you find and tune your plot points? Let me know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “The Struggle is Real”

  1. I agree with the comments ahead of mine. Interesting characters, with their own motives, when confronted with each other, tend to create their own conflict, sometimes lending you a story to tell.

    But let me also remind you: “Seinfeld” was a thing. “Friends” was a thing. “The Office” was a thing. Granted, we got to see these things rather than read them, but the writing, the character development, and “a tv show about nothing” was still there.

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