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Do I Really Need Another Bookshelf?

I’ve been asking around, and it appears I have an “above average” number of bookshelves in my home. Currently I have 4 ACTUAL bookshelves as well as one of those 9-cube bookshelves that has 7/9 of the cubes full of books. This does not include the random books that are proudly displayed on top of the TV stand, tucked into the nightstand, or stacked up on my desk.

I love the concept of the library. I do. What I don’t like, however, are deadlines. Given my current life schedule, I find that I don’t often make it through the book in three weeks; and if I do, it is just barely. Not only that, I don’t have an opportunity to get the book back to the library before it’s due, so the next thing you know, I’m returning a half-read book that I owe a late fee for. For my schedule, I just like having purchased the book.

What about e-books? I mean, there is just something appealing about having a book in my hand that I can hold and feel and smell. It’s not that I don’t like e-books, it’s just that I like real books better. #sorrynotsorry

Alas, I digress. This fall my cousin is coming to stay with me while he attends college; and I am currently in need of some consolidation, such as the multiple bookshelves hanging out in what will be his room that will be homeless soon. As I considered where to put the now homeless bookshelves, I realized that the best solution was going to be to build my own bookcase, with my own measurement specifications. In my apartment, the closet in my bedroom protrudes from the wall, and there is a nice little nook where I think a bookshelf would look great. I reached out to the owner of the building and got permission “as long as you take it with you when you leave.”

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Krista, you do woodworking, too?” Um… no. Honestly, my first thought was to buy a couple of 2 x 4’s and call it a day. But when I dragged my friend Geordan to Home Depot, he promptly took me over to the “pressed lumber” area of the store and informed me that one of those sheets would be what I needed. Since I do not actually have a table saw (or whatever saw it is you are supposed to use to turn this 5’ x 8’ piece of wood into a bookshelf), he graciously volunteered to cut the wood for me.

I’m so very excited to install this bookshelf in my apartment and begin filling it. As a bonus, there is a second, similar protruding closet for the guest bedroom, so once the first one is full… *cough*

How many bookshelves do you have in your home? Are they all full? Do you borrow books from the library or buy them outright? Why? Let me know in the comments below!  

6 thoughts on “Do I Really Need Another Bookshelf?”

  1. I have a bookcase in my bedroom, my mom stacks and shelves hers on her bedside and dressing table, and then she also turned my Dad’s office room into a library with a wall of floor to ceiling shelves. You can never have enough! We also buy in hard copy or borrow from libraries. We’re quite anti-ebook in my house! -L x

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  2. You sound like me when talking about woodwork 😂 I was in agriculture class, and when we did woodwork, I was lost the whole time… I actually only have 1 6-cubed bookshelf, but since I just moved and the bookshelf is too small, my books occupy a suitcase and a tub right now.


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