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Joy Bombs

As part of the Body Kindness book that I’m working through, one of the things I decided to track to help “make me happier” is the Joy Bombs I experience each day… Okay, so three each day, not all of them. The Idea behind this is that by focusing on the good things that happened, by taking the time to write them down, they will stick in my brain just a little more prominently, because sometimes it is very easy to let the bad things overwhelm us and get us down.

 I wanted to take a moment to share my Joy Bombs from last week with you here:

  • Took a small detour to have ice cream with a business associate who I haven’t seen in almost a year.
  • Also had strawberry ice cream, one of my favorite flavors.
  • This was followed up with chips and queso for dinner at the restaurant across the street from our hotel (which had the added “Joy Bomb” bonus of not making me drive in the city).
  • I had a conversation with my co-worker Jimmy via IM that made me straight up LOL in the middle of the audit. (The auditor just shook his head at me..*insert shrugging emoji*)
  • I found the Reeses Peanut Butter Lover’s Cups at the gas station we happened to stop at on the way back to the hotel. The gas station near my house has been out of these for weeks and they are my favorite!   
  • There was a really pretty view of a cliff behind the branch. I took a picture of it and may write a blog about it; I haven’t decided yet.
  • I arrived home from my trip to find a random check in the mail for almost $100! Yay!
  • I walked four miles!
  • I got home and was able to sleep in my own bed, regardless of all the delays.
  •  My sister-in-law posted a video of my nephew being adorable. (Also, adorable nephew = always a joy bomb).
  • I sent my co-worker an Edible Arrangement to brighten his day, but it also made my day.
  •  I talked to Jessi (my friend? Health Coach? Diet Lady? untitled?) for about 20 minutes and had a really productive, quality conversation about what our goals are for the next couple of weeks.
  •  I had brunch with my friend Pat whom I had not seen in a couple of months.
  • I got to sleep in, which was amazing after a week on the road and of getting up early.
  • I was on time for brunch even though traffic was bad and I was sure I’d be late (and I really, really hate to be late).
  • I made a significant dent in cleaning out the spare room for my cousin to move in (in under 20 days–its so close!).
  • I met up with my friend Caroline for ice cream .
  • I visited with Jess since I didn’t get to see her last week since I was in Boston.  

The hardest part about this particular project is remembering to write the Joy Bombs down at the end of the night. If I have to think back and try to remember “what happened yesterday?” it sometimes takes me longer to think of something, if I can think of anything at all. If anyone wants to join me on my Joy Bomb journey and be my accountability partner, please let me know!


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