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An Interview with my Parents for my Birthday

I thought it would be fun to do a video blog interviewing my parents for my birthday as I am 32 today! It was my first ever attempt at video blogging an interview, and I learned a couple of things. 1) My mother is extremely camera shy, so when she was being interviewed there was a lot of nervous giggling, and she couldn’t really come up with answers on the fly. But she had a lot of off-screen comments when I was talking to dad.  2) I’ve edited videos before (mostly for my work vlog – Quality Corner), but never interviews. I tried. It was considerably harder (or perhaps tedious) than I had anticipated and I ran out of time, so below is the transcript of the interview, which is still funny, but it loses a little bit of the ridiculousness that was occurring.

When I was little, what did you think I was going to be when I grew up?
M: A lawyer, because you debated everything.
D: An attorney, because you always had to debate everything we told you.

What was the funniest thing I ever said or did as a kid?
M: I don’t know!
D: Oh, it was hilarious! We were out at Delta College, and we were walking along, and the door turns, but they had just a glass plane there, and you walked BAM right into it, oh my goodness. And then you’re like *sniffles,* and as soon as your mom sees you of course she’s like “oh, are you all right” and then you start crying like a baby. Oh yeah, and then walking out of church one day you ran into a parked car! (In my defense, I didn’t see the car because of the book I was reading … I didn’t just randomly walk into a solid looking object.)

What would you have named me if I was a boy?
M: Hadn’t thought about it.
D: I didn’t have a say in what your name was, but I would go with Herman. Hey, you asked me to do this.

 What was my favorite children’s book when I was little?
M: The Disney books (Me: Any one in particular?) Probably Cinderella.
D: I don’t exactly know because you had a whole bunch of books; and actually we built that whole closet out of a doorway for all of your books. But what I do know is you really liked it when I read you books because I would do all the voices.

What was the most annoying thing I did as a baby?
M: You were a good baby. 
D: Well, I was working third shift at the time; I was actually working two jobs. It was in the old apartment and so I would work third shift and then come home and needed to sleep, but I would have to watch you because she [mom] was working first shift somewhere. So I was laying on the couch, and all of a sudden you were standing in front of me with a toy hammer hitting me on the head. Very annoying, especially when I was trying to sleep.

What’s your all-time favorite picture of me as a kid?
M: The one where we lived in the trailer and you were sticking your head through the railing on the porch.
D: I like the one where your hair stood out all the way on both ends. It was Halloween. (Mom: Pippi!)

What was my favorite toy when I was little?
M: The big stuffed dog your dad bought.
D: Well, aside from the big white dog, which we did throw out, by the way. He fell apart a long time ago, even though your mom is trying to hang on to that memory, but no. Your favorite toy? I don’t know that you had a favorite one.

Did you ever drop me as a baby?
M: No
D: Drop you? No? But your brother knocked you over and broke your arm one time. Why would you even ask that question? (Me: I saw the video of you throwing me up by my arms and catching me by my legs–I saw the video.) Yeah, but I didn’t drop you. (Me: On camera. I just wanted to be sure!)

What made me cry the most as a child?
M: When you were hungry?
D: Having to eat your green beans. No, Daddy No! Krista, Chew-chew-chew. I remember those days. (Oh, I hate green beans.)

What made me laugh the most as a child?
M: People making faces at you .
D: Bopping Walleye on the head with Papa Glenn.

What age of mine did you hate experiencing the most?
M: Oh, the teenage years, for sure. (Me: Anything in particular?) You were just naughty.
D: 18. (Me: You didn’t even live with me when I was 18?) Huh? Where did you live? (Me: I was at Grand Valley). Well your senior year–17.

What is the best thing about being my parent?
M: We are very proud of your accomplishments.
D: [This ridiculous answer has been edited out.]

What is my worst habit?
M: You drink too much.
D: I think your worst habit is always thinking you’re right.

Did I ever do anything creepy as a kid that scared you?
M: No.
D: Yes, you used to bake brownies and then take them up to your room and hide them. (I do NOT remember that.)

What was I most afraid of as a child?
M: The grass. You didn’t like stepping in the grass. You didn’t like the feel of it on your feet.
D: I don’t think you were, were you? Cleaning your room–you hated it.

Overall, Do you consider me a good kid?
M: *laughs* Yes.
D: Yes.

Are you happy with the way I turned out?
M: *More laughs* Yes, we are. We are very proud of you.
D: Is this being recorded? *illegible whispers* You didn’t do things in the order I had planned out for you, but all in all, yes.

Am I the favorite?
M: No.
D: No. why is that even on there?

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