I don’t know how to Twitter

Before I launched this blog, I had taken a well-needed sabbatical from Facebook which was, previously, the only social media site where I was active. During this hiatus I realized I didn’t miss the drama and politics of Facebook, but I DID miss the news part of my newsfeed. To satisfy this craving, when I really couldn’t stand it, I would browse on Twitter where I had like 10 followers, and followed 20 or so “people”–most of which were news stations, if I’m honest.

When I launched the blog, I was advised to join the “writing community” on Twitter, and to follow, comment, and do writer lifts to build up my “audience.” So I tried. I’m adding and commenting, and writer-lifting and soon I followed like 400 people and had about 150 followers. Yay? I was feeling pretty motivated by this until two things happened. 1) I put some tweets out there, asking questions, looking for some positive engagement, and… crickets. 2) I saw a tweet from someone else who was excited that in her two days since joining Twitter, she had managed to amass over 1000 followers, and her tweet was actively being engaged with!

I guess, the moral of this story is: How do I do the Twitter? Am I too old for Twitter? to uncool?  Any and all advice appreciated. Thanks!           

2 thoughts on “I don’t know how to Twitter”

  1. I have these same issues. I don’t know what it is… I have never used Twitter as a major platform, I have stuck to Facebook where I am happy with the responses I get. My blog posts go to Twitter but I post very little else. Today is a novel pitch day so I’m on Twitter all day but this is the most I’ve been on in a year.


  2. Honestly, I am having the same problem. My best advice is to stick with it. I know it is exhausting work, but your name is still popping up on your follower’s Twitter feed.


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