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It’s official!

As some of you may know, my birthday is next month. This year, as a present to me, I decided I would take a little mini-vacation for my birthday. I decided on Chicago (although I almost changed my mind when I realized how much the hotel/parking was going to cost *nervous giggle*), and a visit to my favorite aquarium was the first thing on the list. I also wanted to visit the Planetarium, and considered visiting The American’s Writer’s Museum as well. However, other than Shedd, what I really wanted to do was see a show.

I would never have thought there would still be affordable tickets available to a show as popular as Hamilton, but there was so I scooped them up! I’m so excited! I’ve been hoping to have an opportunity to see this show since it first hit Broadway as I’m kind of a theater nerd, and am super excited to be blessed with this opportunity–so excited that I just had to share that excitement with all of you!     


4 thoughts on “It’s official!”

  1. I don’t know what your situation is, but getting around Chicago is super easy. They’ve got the infrastructure unlike us in the South. I say spend $20 bucks and get a three day metro pass. It will allow you to get on any bus AND train you need for 3 days. The busses ride straight up to the museums you’ve mentioned, and you can pop your destination into google maps and the app will tell you “get off at so-and-so, walk 0.4 miles, get on bus 11 until exit so-and-so.” It’s incredibly easy to travel nowadays with our technology, and I highly recommend it.

    I also highly recommend the Museum of Science and Industry if you can fit it into your schedule.


    1. I’m not opposed to taking the metro, except I don’t know about hauling my luggage all over and we are staying in downtown Chicago.

      We did get the city pass, so if we have time the Museum of Science and Industry is a definite since it comes with the pass 🙂


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