Everyday Ramblings

On People.

People are weird.
I don’t understand them.
They say one thing, and do another.
They want to be your friend, until you need something and then they are too busy, or you’re too needy – no matter how much you have been there when they’ve needed something in the past.

People are complex.
I don’t understand them.
This is the kind of person I’m looking for, they say, with these specific qualities; these are the most important things.
Hey, I have those qualities, maybe we could be friends?
Oh no, they are looking for those qualities in someone older/younger/skinnier/whatever-er.

People play games,
and I don’t understand them.
Why can’t you just say what you’re thinking?  
Why can’t people tell you if you’ve said something wrong instead of giving you the silent treatment?
I promise, if I hurt you, it wasn’t intentional, and if you tell me what the problem is, we can probably fix it; but if you write me off, then maybe we both miss out on something great.  

And I know what you’re thinking.
 But Krista, aren’t you people?
Are you saying you don’t understand yourself?

Apparently not.

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