Everyday Ramblings

Why do you get to make the rules?

The other day I ordered something off of Amazon. Since it was rather large I had it shipped to my apartment instead of delivered to the office because I wasn’t sure it would fit safely in my car. In the past I have never had a problem getting deliveries at home. However, my apartment complex… Continue reading Why do you get to make the rules?

Everyday Ramblings

Managing Business Relationships

For the past several years I have worked with the same auditor every time I traveled for work. After spending nearly a full week (5 days, breakfast to dinner) with this auditor every year--plus the  conversations leading up to and following the audits--it was easy to develop a personal realationship with him as well as a work one. While… Continue reading Managing Business Relationships

Everyday Ramblings

Round 2 at the Airport

For my return flight home, the auditor had a flight at 2, and mine was scheduled for 7:45. I anticipated having some more time to kill at the airport, and this time I went into it with a bit of a plan. Hour One (12:30-1:30)     The first thing I did upon arrival to the airport (after… Continue reading Round 2 at the Airport

Things I Love

Authors I Love – Ann M. Martin

“Who is your favorite author?” It is a question I get asked a lot, especially once I’ve told someone how much I love to read. I usually respond with a name, but if I’m being honest, that name changes depending on what I’m reading at the moment. It can be near impossible to pick a… Continue reading Authors I Love – Ann M. Martin