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The First Book I Ever Read?

Do you remember the first book you ever read? I mean, the actual first one, and not one about watching Spot run? I do; and at an attempt for originality, it was The Frog Prince. I remember this book very specifically. We ordered it from Scholastic in a two-pack where the other book was “Harry… Continue reading The First Book I Ever Read?

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5…4…3…2…1… Hours at the airport…

The other day I traveled to Boston for work. The flight itself was (amazingly) uneventful, but once I arrived to Logan airport in Boston, I had FIVE hours to kill as I waited for the auditor’s flight to arrive. So, you might ask, what does one do for 5 hours at the Boston Logan International… Continue reading 5…4…3…2…1… Hours at the airport…

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Authors I Love – Ann M. Martin

“Who is your favorite author?” It is a question I get asked a lot, especially once I’ve told someone how much I love to read. I usually respond with a name, but if I’m being honest, that name changes depending on what I’m reading at the moment. It can be near impossible to pick a… Continue reading Authors I Love – Ann M. Martin

Writing Prompt Wednesday

The Best Gift Ever

While I was considering ideas for the blog, one of the things I decided I wanted to do was use a monthly writing prompt... moving forward, this shall be known as "Writing Prompt Wednesday"! I'm very excited about this! What was the best gift you’ve ever received? As I was browsing the internet, trying to… Continue reading The Best Gift Ever

Everyday Ramblings

It’s official!

As some of you may know, my birthday is next month. This year, as a present to me, I decided I would take a little mini-vacation for my birthday. I decided on Chicago (although I almost changed my mind when I realized how much the hotel/parking was going to cost *nervous giggle*), and a visit… Continue reading It’s official!